Máy hàn chipset ZHUOMAO ZM-T08

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ZM-T08 main parameters rework station

● Power Source : 220V ± 10 %  VAC 50/60 Hz                    
● Power rate: 4800W Max
● Plus heat control: the upper part of the hot air heater 800 W lower part of the hot air heater 1200 the W
● Bottom infrared heater the W 2700
● Electric selection: intelligent programmable temperature control system, support for computer communications  . 
● Temperature control: K -type thermocouple closed-loop control :up and down independent of temperature ,  temperature precise range ± 3 deg.] C
● Positioning mode: V -type slot positioning 
● The PCB  size : 410 × 370 × 65 mm 65 mm Max Min
● Dimensions: L635 W600 × H560 mm ×
● Weight: 38.5 kg 

ZM-T08 rework station main characteristics:
● Separate three-zone temperature control system 
① upper and lower zone of hot air heating, the IR preheating zone ( 345 × 250 ) is an infrared heating, precise temperature control at ± 3 deg.] C, the upper and lower temperature zone can be set 8 segment warming and 8 segments constant temperature control, and can store 10 groups temperature profile at any time according to different BGA called; ② can BGA chip and PCBboard is locally heated with hot air at the same time, while supplemented by a large area of the infrared heater for PCBbottom plate is heated, can completely avoid the repair processPCB deformation plate; you can use an upper zone or the lower zone alone by choice, and the free combination of upper and lower heat generation energy; ③ the IR preheat zone as per for adjustment of the output power, make PCB board heated evenly; 
● versatile user-friendly operating system 
① an upper temperature zone can be manually move freely around, direction; ② with a variety of different sized alloy hot air nozzle can be 360 [deg.] rotation, easy replacement can be tailored to the actual requirements; ③ with computer communication function , can realize computer control, easy to set up, display, storage, printing curve; ④ multi-function PCBpositioning stand, can X direction of movement, PCB convenient positioning plate, installation for both heterosexual positioning plate; ⑤ high-power cross-flow fan rapidly on thePCB board cooling to prevent PCB deformation plate; and built-in vacuum pumps, external vacuum suction pen to facilitate quick to take hold BGA chip; 
● superior safety protection function 
after soldering or desoldering finished with alarm functions, at a temperature of loss of control, circuit can automatically power, with dual over-temperature protection.

21.000.000 VND

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